The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya

The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya is one of the leading and most prestigious academic institutions in Israel today. Modeled on distinguished private universities in the United States, IDC is a non-profit corporate entity, receiving no direct government subsidies, and dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in research and education.

Thanks & Recommendations

In recent months a ​​contact was made with DB SYSTEMS Company to supply a voting system for a large event at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. The event went very successfully and some of the credit belongs to the company.
The project in which the company took part is the elections for the Student Association and representatives of various tracks, which constitute one of the most important and complex projects of the Student Association at the Interdisciplinary Center, as the Association is responsible for the students' ongoing wellbeing in the Center. The Student Association's organizational structure, which requires various voting options for various students (about 7,000 eligible to vote) and the Interdisciplinary Center's physical structure, in which are concentrated many students at specific hours, creating pressure on the system, were not a challenge for the company, which successfully completed the mission, and over the three election days maintained voting times that did not exceed two minutes per student on the busiest peak hours, much thanks to the system's ease of use and clarity. From the professional relationship that was developed between me and the company representative, Mr. Yaniv Ben-Johanna, during the preparations for the elections and during the elections themselves, I can attest that the company is professional in its field, offers a host of voting solutions according to the client's will and needs, does its best providing real-time support according to developments in the field using creative tools (remote voting for reservists, adjustment of the interface according to the voters' feedback, refreshment of the voter registration and more. (In addition, the system is highly secured and no complaints, concerns of forgery or appeals were submitted by students of the Interdisciplinary Center. During the preparation for elections the company representative maintained constant contact with the election committee representative, to a full understanding of the desired election system and its preparation, and in the voting days solutions were provided (physically or by phone around the clock). I want to further note that the Student Association is an organization registered with the Registrar of Associations, and therefore committed to very high standards from vendors with which it is contacting, standards which the company met successfully. In summary, the election committee for 2014-2015 strongly recommends working with the DB SYSTEMS Company in general, and with the EVOTE system in particular, and thanks the company for helping to carry out such a complex event.
Guy Leichter,
Chairman of the Student Association's Election Committee,
The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya

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